Car Insurance & Renters Insurance Secret

Car Insurance & Renters Insurance Secret

September 27, 2012

People often wonder how they can get discounts on their car insurance. There are several ways to do this but below is a simple little strategy to get more coverage without paying more!

An easy way to get a discount on your auto insurance is to get renters insurance too. If you’re with a company that gives discounts for having multiple policies, the discount for combining auto and renters is usually around 10% and generally about the same cost as the renters insurance itself. This basically means that the discount from buying both types of insurance ends up paying for the renters insurance (so if you have auto, you might as well get the other coverage for little or no extra cost!). If renters insurance is required where you live, combine your auto insurance with a renters insurance policy and save money.

Benefits of Having Renters Insurance

Many people think if their car is broken into and their belongings inside are stolen that everything will be covered by their auto insurance. This is false! If a car is broken into and the window is broken, the auto insurance will cover that (if the cost meets the deductible!). However, the items that are damaged or stolen out of the car are covered by renters insurance or homeowners insurance. This is very important during the holidays because there is usually a spike in crime for car break-ins around Thanksgiving and Christmas (event in Austin, TX unfortunately).

What determines the price of renters insurance?

Renters insurance in Austin varies from provider to provider but there are a several factors affecting your price including:

  • Loss history
  • Credit history
The amount of coverage you get contributes to the “premium” or amount you pay for renters insurance as well. Typically, the more coverage you get, the more expensive the policy will be but if you have a lot of assets or items to insure it makes sense the policy will be more.

Is there a discount for students on renters insurance?

Austin, TX is filled with a lot of college students and most places are now requiring renters insurance. Sometimes students are insured under their parents policies if they have a renters or homeowners policy. But usually there is not a discount for students on renters insurance at least not the way it applies for auto insurance.

The Straight Skinny on Renters Insurance in Austin, TX
Get renters insurance because it’s cheap, it gets you a discount on your auto insurance and it covers your personal belongings and reduces liabilities.